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Daily Archives: October 11, 2011

A Blog Returns – Two Blogs Have Changed Names – Follow – And It’s Typical News

As there has not been a Blog Stuff Roundup for some weeks, I thought that I would do one today, so that there is not too much stuff to go in one post on Sunday.

Kami Robertson is back

On The Way Of Exploration from Kami Robertson, a blog that I had thought to have bitten the dust some time ago, has come back to life. So it will be returned to the second blog roll.

Two blogs have changed there names

The Adventurous Journey has changed back to being The Journey.

And Devlin O’Neill has changed his blog’s name back to Devlin O’Neill’s Web Log.

Follow me

If you look to the bottom right hand corner of this blog, you will now see a little tab that says “Follow”. If you click on this tab a thingy (note the technical terminology) pops up and you can enter an email address to follow this blog. I have not added this, so it must have come direct from WordPress.

It’s that news item again

This cut me up when I saw it. Anyone who has ever watched the news on the BBC will recognize this