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Daily Archives: October 23, 2011

A Mini Break – Two Goodbyeeees – A Blogger Returns – And Info For Her But He’ll Like It Too

Medical Break

I found out Friday that I have to spend time at the Hospital during the coming week, for some tests to find out what is causing an abdominal problem. Hopefully it is nothing too serious but not knowing is something that is occupying my mind and I am finding it hard to think about spank related stuff right now. So for Monday to Wednesday I have put three vanilla funny pics in scheduled posting and am planning to resume normal posting on Thursday.

Goodbyeeee Elder Lee and Paolo In Dublin

Elder Lee has been around, under one persona or another for many years and has wound up his blogs before, only to return at a later date. Unfortunately I missed the last post on this blog, so I do not know if he made a statement about ending his current blog or not. I will miss this blog and hope that Elder is having good luck with whatever he is doing now.

Paolo in Dublin’s last entry stated that Paolo was too busy to blog right now. I took this to mean that he was taking a break from blogging but now find that the blog has been deleted. This was a very mixed and interesting blog and it’s loss is a real shame but I hope that Paolo is doing well and that the future is kind to him.

Fred is back

An old blogging buddy has returned with a brand new blog The Blog of Fred. Fred Bloggs took part in Kinky Island discs, under another name, some years ago, in this post Kinky Island Discs – RPT and MP. It is nice to have him back in the spanko blogsphere and his blog will be added to the second roll. His new address is

Her info

This is a useful info video for female readers but I think that many male readers will like this clip too 🙂

If you are interested, you can buy a download of this song from this link iTunes – Music – Touch Your Boobies – Single by Taryn Southern. All downloads will result in a donation to Stand Up 2 Cancer.