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Daily Archives: November 6, 2011

A Goodbyeeee – LOL 6 – A New Blog – Facility Gone – And A Little Sing Along

Goodbyeeee Caroline Grey – Getting it

Caroline Grey – Getting It is the blog of an American spanking model who is living in Ireland. It has gone to protected log in and so is unavailable even for archive viewing and so it is time to wish this blog a fond farewell. As far as I know Ms Grey is still working as a spanking performer, so hopefully we will be seeing her around for some time to come.

LOL day 6

Bonnie  has announced, in this post  Announcing: Love Our Lurkers 6, that Love Our Lurkers day will be on the 10th of November this year. I, for one, am looking forward to this annual event and hope that plenty of bloggers and readers will be taking part this year. If you wish to use the official logos for this years event, you can find them in this post LOL6 Logo.

A new blog for the rolls

RedRump is the blog of a talented spanko artist, that also explores other aspects of spanking. This blog will be added to the second blog roll. closed

Thanks to American Spanking Society for informing us of this in this post Spooky Spankings. I have never used this myself but many kinky bloggers did and a very useful facility it proved to be. If anyone knows of an alternative site that does something similar please share the knowledge.

 We have both types of music here Country and Western

I saw this at The Journey but Morningstar saw it at Under His Hand and now it comes to you from here 🙂