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Daily Archives: November 10, 2011

Love Our Lurkers 6 With Some LOLs

LOL Day 6

I love my Lurkers, they are the majority of the readers here. Love Our Lurkers is the annual spank and BDSM bloggers event, organized by Bonnie from My Bottom Smarts, when we invite those that read but do not comment to have their say for a change. If you need more detail read this post Tomorrow is LOL6!. So if you have never commented here before or even if you have, please click on that comment button at the bottom of the post and say hello or which picture you liked best in this post or anything, it’s all good.

LOLs for LOL day

Most of you will be familiar with LOL cats so to celebrate this years LOL day I thought some LOL spankings would be appropriate.

Enjoy 🙂

Now if you look down a little and to the left, you will see an orange comment link, try clicking on it and have your say.