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Daily Archives: November 12, 2011

LOL Day Computer Crash

My apologies

I’m sorry that I did not comment on as many blogs as I would have liked to on LOL day but my computer crashed that evening. It did not blue screen it just black screened and has flatly refused to start up since. It has become obvious to me that my main computer is unreliable and that I need a back up, so I went out today (November 12th) and purchased the cheapest netbook that I could find, as my budget is very tight right now.

I will try to keep posting

The screen and keyboard on this computer are very small and I have absolutely no blog related files or pictures stored on it. Therefore posts might be a bit bare bones for a while, until I get the other computer fixed. I will do my best to keep this blog regularly posted on but I am making no guarantees.

A recommendation

In the three and a little bit years that I have owned my current main computer it has given me more problems than the other three put together. It is the first computer of that make that I have ever owned and it will be the last that I will buy of that make. So if my experiences are typical of the products made by that company, I recommend that……