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Daily Archives: November 14, 2011

Caning Tools For Spanking

Note – My main computer is broken and the net book that I am blogging from at the moment does not have the files, photographs and bookmarks on it, that are often used on this blog and this may effect posts on this blog, until the other computer is fixed.

Caning tools used for spanking?

And I’m talking about this kind of caning

Of coarse we have all seen this kind of image, after putting the word “Caning” into a search engine but I came across a couple of tools that are used for this kind of caning that might be useful for spanking.

A caning strand straightener

Not sure how big one of these things is but it does look like it might be a viable alternative to a bath brush.

A caning needle

For those looking for an alternative to a light metal cane.

Of coarse one of the things that these tools are used to make is highly useful to spankos

For bending over to take a real caning, for a spanker to sit on whilst administering a little OTK spanking or just to make a nice uncomfortable thing for a spankee sit up after they have a nice stripy bottom 🙂