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Court-Martialled For Spanking

Non consensual is uncool Australia

It’s hard to believe it but it looks like a an Australian navel officer is going to be Court-Martialled for spanking a female sailor. You can read more about it in this article Defence Force officer charged with assault of female sailor. I do not approve of this sort of goings on because it is non consensual and I have to admit that I was a bit gob smacked to read about this happening in the armed forces of a developed nation, in this day and age.

This is how you do it Australia

With all parties consenting 🙂

Image found at Spanked, Not Silenced


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  1. If I was the commanding office of that Australian naval outfit. I would have awarded that naval officer a gold star, for having spanked that female of lower ranks. Because it is said, “Every man is expected to do his duty”. And a good spanking for that naughty naval female, was justified. And I hope it was on her bare bottom.


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