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Daily Archives: November 27, 2011

Two Goodbyeeees – Blog Guidelines – A New Resource Site – And Intelligent Students?


Two Goodbyeeees

Goodbyeeee Vintage Spanking Photos This blog has not been posted on for over six months and has been very sparsely posted on for some time before that and I concluded that it has probably run it’s course as a blog. There are some very interesting images on this blog and it is worth having a look at it’s archives. Thanks to it’s owner for the historical fun and I wish you luck with future endeavors.

Goodbyeeee The Official Spanking Online Blog Reading between the lines, on another blog, I have become aware that this blog has changed hands and is unlikely to be updated ever again and so it is being removed from the dormant blogs page.

Blog Guidlines

Considering copying MarQe ‘s idea of having a page stating policies for this blog I decided that a page of guidelines would be more appropriate for this blog. The page is not there yet but it should hopefully be started before the end of the week.

A new resource site

Spanking Stories – The Library of Spanking Fiction – This is a website offering free spanking stories and will be added to the Spanking And Kinky Resource Sites page. Thanks to Underling who posted about this in this post Thank You For Asking.

Intelligent student?

With all the studying and worries about building up a huge debt, it is not easy to be a student these days but it is the only way for our best and our brightest to prove themselves. So how bright are students?