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Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Best Saturday/Sunday Swishing Of 2011

As this is the last Saturday of 2011, I thought that I would choose my favourite from the weekly Swishing of the last year and put it as the best (IMHO) Swishing of the year.

And the winner is

This image was originally from THIS POST and came from MarQe ‘s Study.


Blog Calendar โ€“ January Page – And Back In Belgium

Return from the holiday

I made it back to Flanders last night but have a little bit of a sniffle am feeling lousy with man flu. I will try to catch up with comments and stuff today but am making no promises.

The January page

To launch the calendar into the new year I thought that it would be nice to go back to basics with a simple, vintage, caning image, that was found at Devlin O’Neill’s Web Log.


As always the calendar is formatted to be printed on an A4 piece of paper, so why not print one off and pin it up at a New Years party, to suggest a fun party game.


If you want to donate or suggest an image for the blog calendar please contact me at . As you can see the source of the image is credited on the calendar and linked to in the post.


Xmas Hiatus Post – Toy Spanking

This photo marks the last of this series of hiatus posts. With a bit of luck I will be back in Belgium and back to normal posting tomorrow.

When the toy box lid is closed


Xmas Hiatus Post – Very Skinny Porn

There must be porn to fit the tastes of almost everyone in the world and just to prove it…..

Xray Porn


Xmas Hiatus Post – Cartoon Spanking

I have to get over my M/m prejudice and starting off with a cartoon is the first step.

Family Guy spanking


Xmas Hiatus Post – Bad Gifts

It’s the day after Christmas and it is likely that all of us had at least one gift that was less than we desired. These guys got it so wrong that they have earned a spanking. In fact I think that they would have preferred a spanking ๐Ÿ™‚