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Thought For The Week – And Have Yourselves A Merry Spanking Xmas

Last real post for a while

It is time for me to set off for Christmas with the family back in the UK, so all posts from now until the 30th of December are scheduled hopefully there will be a post every day (it depends how long I can keep my eyes open to complete them tonight). Not all posts will be spank related but I hope that you enjoy them anyway.  It is unlikely that I will have any internet access until I return to Belgium, so until then I would like to wish you all a Happy Spanky Christmas.


And this week’s Thought

Santa is very jolly

Because he knows where all the bad girls live

(Source – An unaltered saying by Dennis Miller)


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  1. Safe journey Pref.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Love and hugs.

    • And seasons greetings to you too Ronnie. It is time to go to bed now (have to get up at dark o clock in the morning) It is strange to think that this is the last time that I will be on the internet, for at least 12 days.



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