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Daily Archives: January 3, 2012

John Galliano Spanked – And A Reduction In Postings

New Years Resolution

Amongst previous years resolutions, my most successful were giving up eating Brussel Sprouts and no more jogging. Recently it has become obvious to me that I am spending too much time at home sat in front of the computer and so have resolved to reduce this time. As a consequence of this I am reducing posting on this blog from 7 times per week to 5 times per week. At the moment, I am planning to keep the weekend postings the same and reduce the weekday posting to two postings a week.

John Galliano got spanked

John Galliano is a fashion designer who disgraced himself last year with a RACIST OUTBURST. So it might be of some comfort to find out that according to THIS SOURCE Mr Galliano did get spanked in 2003. The meat of the account goes like this…

Daniel went on.  “Then I say to him, ‘Get on your knees.’  Und he get on his knees und he say, ‘[words redacted — too raunchy]’.  So I say to him, ‘Vat makes you sink I vould ever have sex in a toilet?’”

Let me break here to point out to you what a good boy Daniel was.  Despite being a young giant tattoo artist, he had boundaries.  He did not feel it appropriate to have sex in a toilet with a famous stranger, no matter how opulent the toilet.  In John’s defense, most gay men, including yours truly, wouldn’t think twice about having sex in a toilet like that, provided we could keep the soap and shampoo as souvenirs.  I think most straight people I know wouldn’t, either.

“So then,” Daniel said,  “I make him stand up und I turn him und I push him against the vall.  Galliano say, ‘[words redacted — too raunchy].’  So I do like he ask, und I smacked his ass — once, twice, three times really hard und I say, ‘That is for not doing my boyfriend’s film!’”

Once again the source for this was Spanking Galliano | Pure Film Creative.