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A Posthumous Worthy Vanilla Cup

The fourth ever Worthy Vanilla Cup

This may not be the most prestigious award in the world but it is very sparingly given out. Since the start of this blog this is only the fourth one that Dr Malford (my fictitious Headmistress) has allowed to be issued. This one goes to…

Ronald Searle

Unfortunately Mr Searle has recently passed away, at the age of 91, you can read more of this from this BBC article St Trinian’s cartoonist Ronald Searle dies. But during his life he became an inspiration for Brats worldwide through his St Trinians cartoons, depicting a whole school full of the most inventive brats that could ever have been imagined. You can read some more about his work in this post St Trinians Cartoons And A Little About Their Creator Ronald Searle.

We thank you Mr Searle from the heart of our bottoms


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  1. Yeh those St Trinians Girls! Don’t think he was too pleased to gain immortality through them though 😀 Just on a technical note, how do you check that the recipients are indeed Vanilla? A tendency to draw schoolgirls in trouble sounds suspicious to me!

    • Yes I got that impression but it was the notoriety that St. T. got him that gave him the chance to do the other illustrations that he enjoyed doing and got the pennies rolling in, whilst so many people enjoyed and still enjoy all the St. T. stuff around.

      Of coarse there is no way of truly telling if someone is vanilla or not, so the selection is based on people doing something vanilla that also greatly benefits the spankos of the world. Theoretically a spanko could qualify for a WVC whilst doing something vanillaish in their everyday life, so long as it helps out the spanking community.



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