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Daily Archives: January 8, 2012

A Goodbyeeee – Moving Blogs – Dreams Online – Victory – And The Changing Room

Goodbyeeee Her Paddle

Her Paddle the blog of a male submissive has not been posted on for over six months and so it is time to wish this blog a fond fair well. Good luck to it’s owner and I hope that the future treats you well.

Moving two blogs

A Spanking Good Time  has gone private again and Male Submission Art has not been posted on for some time but I have a feeling in my toes that these blogs are not done yet and so they are being moved to the Dormant blogs page.

Dreams of Spanking has gone live

Dreams of Spanking the much awaited new spanking website from Panora Blake has finally gone live. You can read about it in this post Meet the dreamers or see a short review in this post Dreams of Spanking – The Review.

Victory in obscene porn case

Michael Peacock has been declared not guilty in his defence against the 1950’s law on obscene material. Follow the links for news paper articles Michael Peacock’s acquittal is a victory for sexual freedom and Obscenity victory. Or if you prefer to read blog posts there is A victory for sexual freedom and Let’s talk obscene!.

The girl in the booth

Have any of you out there fantasized about meeting a beautiful girl in a changing booth?