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Would You Like To Be Served Lunch By A Maid That Calls You Master?

Well you can if you live in Japan

There is a themed cafe in Japan where the waitresses dress up in maid outfits, call their clients master and greet them with the phrase Welcome Home. The whole idea is to get the clientele to feel that they are in their own palatial residence, being served by a member of their own staff. This did get me to wondering if there might be a market for a male version, with people like me πŸ™‚ dressed up as butlers and footmen (as in Downton abbey) serving “Ma’am” with whatever she desires and woe betide the server if the soup get’s spilled in the vicinity of “Ma’am” πŸ™‚

And what does master require?


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  1. These naughty waitress’ess are made to order for a good spanking on their bare bottoms. Would’nt you agree?

  2. that is amazing.. I especially liked the maid kneeling when presenting the menu… maybe we should all take a trip to Tokyo (cheeky grin)..


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