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Daily Archives: January 12, 2012

New Toy, A Rawhide Switch

Or you live and learn

This is a new toy that I purchased in the UK, during my Christmas break. The blurb on the little tag that came attached to the toy said…

Lay down the law with this air splitting switch

that will definitely leave an impression on your lovers back-end and mind.

When a higher level of discipline is needed

you can rely on this switch to dole it out in spades.

Give them a spanking they won’t soon forget.

Well, I have to admit that I was in a hurry when I chose to buy this toy, did not look at it to closely and was very pleased by the nice swishing sound that it made when swiped through the air. Only a cursory glance at it, in the shop, showed that it did not have a raw hide coating and was cased in some kind of synthetic material.

I did not mind that as it was a budget item (only 13 pounds) and presumed that the core would be some kind of synthetic flexible rod. But when I returned to Belgium and took a couple of test swats I found the sensation to be alarmingly unpleasant (in a bad way), with a tiny area of horrible sting concentrated at the very tip of the rod. With further swishing and testing I discovered why. The rod once bent, stayed bent. The core is obviously some kind of metal wire.

In conclusion I think that I wasted my money when I forked out for this and am glad that I did not spend much on it. I suspect that this toy is not worth owning or using and I never intend to use it, mostly due to fear of the wire breaking free of the coating during use. It is manufactured by a company called Pipedream, in the future I will be avoiding their products.

As my old mum used to tell me

You live and learn

well you live anyway