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A Blog Merit Certificate – A New Blog – Interviews – And Sexist TV Adverts

A blog merit certificate for CONSENSUAL SPANKING

Dr Malford (my non existent Headmistress) has been studying my blog reading habits and has noticed that I am a very frequent visitor to CONSENSUAL SPANKING and so has issued it with a certificate and ordered it to be moved to the top blog roll.

A new blog for the rolls

Dreams of Spanking blog  is a multi contributor blog attached to the spanking site of Pandora Blake’s, Dreams of Spanking website. It has a mix of promotional material, behind the scenes info and other issues. This blog is being added to the second roll.

Interviews at The Library of Spanking Fiction

Emma Bishop has informed me that The Library of Spanking Fiction,that you will find listed on the Spanking And Kinky Resource Sites page, now does interviews. ms Bishop herself has done an interview, that you can find through this link Wellred Weekly – Spanking Model: Emma Bishop.

Sexist advertising

This is a comedy skit but it does have a ring of truth about the advertising that you see on TV.


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