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Spanking Advert Banned

Some time ago

I was very excited when I came across this piece of news but then I looked at the posting date and found that it was 2003. So not so much news but olds. Still it is an interesting spank related thing. Apparently a company that used to be known as WE sweden showed this imaged of a woman with a reddened rear end on the packaging of their women’s underwear. This image attracted so many complaints that it was banned and the underwear had to be recalled. Personally I think that this company might have been less criticized if they had a spanked male bottom on the box of their male underwear.

Instead they had this


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  1. Personally I would rather have the first picture.. but ya know if you look close at the second one… you kinda sorta wonder what his hand is holding.. (cheeky grin)

    • Lots of guys must get spanked for less 🙂 Apparently the company said that they originally wanted a similar picture, except of a woman, for their female underwear but could not find a suitable (as in not super skinny) female model who was prepared to pose for them.



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