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Daily Archives: January 22, 2012

A Goodbyeeee – Moving A Blog – SOPA Not The Answer – And Psychiatrist’s Hotline

Goodbyeeee Chronicles of Correction

Chronicles of Correction  was replaced by Atomic Briton by Ms Amy Hunter. And so it is time to remove the old blog from the rolls and wish Ms Hunter the best of luck with her new blog.

Moving Radha Sutra

Radha Sutra is a blog that is fitfully posted on but usually comes back to life from time to time, so it is being moved to the Dormant Blogs page.

SOPA suspended

After widespread, international protests the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) bill has been put on a back burner and will not be implemented in the near future. Although the blog Spankedhortic supports anti online piracy policies, it is obviously not a good idea to enact inappropriate legislation, especially when it involves one nation (in this case the USA) imposing a law on enterprises outside of it’s own borders without international consent. A better and more multinational solution needs to be found to fight Piracy.

Psychiatrist’s hotline

In need of rapid help from a shrink? Try this number.