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Stunt Bottoms – Keira knightley In Dangerous Method

I’m trying something new

The “Stunt Bottoms” irregular series of posts, is an imagined scenario, where we live in a perfect world that excepts and does not persecute spankos and BDSMers. In this world spanking and other such scenes in mainstream films and TV can be shown with actual real play going on. Obviously vanilla actors and actresses cannot be expected to be on the receiving end of pain play and so stunt bottoms are hired to play the famous persons rear end or other body part getting hurt. In this post I put my suggestions forward for who could play this part for…

Keira knightley in Dangerous Method

Ms Knightley is rather slim and so the Stunt Bottom playing her rear end in the spanking scenes would have to be a reasonable match for her form, whilst having to have physical reactions that match hers in the spanking scenes. To this end (pun intended) I suggest that the following two persons would be up to the job.

Leia-Ann Woods

Or Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells

Remember that the chosen rear end would have to match up with the performance of Keira Knightley in her film role.

Which do you think would be the most appropriate Stunt Bottom?

Or do you have someone else to suggest?


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  1. I can think of one film where a real stunt bottom was used. I’m thinking of “The Wicker Man”, the brilliant British original not the horrible American remake. Britt Ekland playing the landlords daughter was quite happy to appear topless in the scene where she dances and sings in an attempt to seduce Edward Woodward but refused to allow any shots of her below the waist. The director cut in scenes involving another young lady, I believe recruited locally,. Sadly she doesn’t look much like Britt and it is quite obvious what has happened. During the dance she slaps her own buttocks quite enthusiastically whilst wriggling her bottom. Unlike the Woodward character I don’t think I would have been able to resist the temptation and since one of the reasons that he makes the perfect sacrifice is his purity giving in would have saved his life.

  2. I would certainly recommend the film as it is one of the great British “horror” films but if you just want to see this scene just Google Wicker Man Willows dance. Ignore the youtube versions as they all appear to be cut but on some sites the full version can be seen.

  3. Great post idea! Leia would be a good match for Keira in terms of skin tone as well as form.

  4. Not sure when Dangerous Method is out in the UK, think this month. Simon’s right “The Wicker Man”(British version) is an excellent film, would recommend it.



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