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Blog Calendar – March Page

The March Page

Even with it’s extra day (on which my employers get a day of my efforts for free) February has flown by. So it is time, once again for the Blog Calendar. The March edition features an image found at Dreams of Spanking Blog and has Pandora Blake giving Amelia Jane Rutherford a caning, in one of the most elegant F/f  images that I have seen in a long time.


As always the calendar is formatted to be printed on an A4 piece of paper, so why not print one off and show it to your interior designer as a suggestion as how you would like your bedroom to look.


If you want to donate or suggest an image for the blog calendar please contact me at . The source of the image is normally credited on the calendar and linked to in the post.


Warning India – Fuller’s In Trouble – TV Caning – And I Hate To Be Ageist

Email warning for those in India

Thanks to Melon Farmers Censorship Watch who informed of this in this article Internet News: 2012: Jan-March. Apparently the Indian authorities are putting pressure on internet providers and email facilitators to make it possible monitor (read) emails to, from and within India. So kinksters in or emailing anyone in India, be discreet with your wording.

The Fuller Brush Company in trouble

Thanks to Bonnie for posting about this here Fuller Brush Declares Bankruptcy. This iconic supplier of spanko pervertables and politically incorrect but amusing advertizing is in trouble. You can read more about it through this link Fuller Brush, Door-to-Door Icon, Seeks Bankruptcy Protection.

Caning Machine on TV

On Monday the 27th of February at 8:30 pm (UK time) the Dickensian comedy series “The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff” There is an accident with an automatic caning machine. Personally I am curious as to what this looks like. More information here The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff | Series 1 – Episode 2 | Radio Times and here BBC Two – The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff, Series 1, Episode 2.

Granny on sucking eggs?

Decades of experience has armed the older generation with much knowledge on many thing. So we should not get ageist when it comes to sex?



The Saturday Swishing

The Saturday Swishing is my pick of the week from images posted on the blogs in the rolls of this blog.


This week’s Swishing comes from CONSENSUAL SPANKING. Perhaps my choice this week is highly biased by the fact that I have seen the video that this spanking comes from (on the Clare Spanks Men website) and found the verbal as well as spanking interaction between Kailee Robinson and Danny Wylde was one of the best double acts that I have ever seen, in a spanking video.

Well Roasted


Thought For The Week

You have done wrong and you know it. Even worse, you have been caught doing wrong. The person about to dish out some Corporal Correction may well ask “What is wrong with you?”. At this point it may be wise to fes up to any relevant character faults that you may have but don’t over do it.


Never exaggerate your faults

Your disciplinarian will attend to that for you

(Source – Converted from a saying by Bob Edwards)


One Of My Least And Most Favorite Spanking Positions

Is this one

Bent over, free standing, with hands on the back of the thighs or linked behind the legs

Least favorite because

I find this hard to maintain for any length of time. It forces your spine to be curved and uncomfortable. Your buttocks are highly tensed causing the muscles to be taught and hardened, increasing the pain sensation of each impact. After any length of time the thigh muscles start to burn because of the strain they are under. The more vertical that you are required to keep your legs increases the fear that you will tip forward at every stroke or swat. It forces you to keep your head down, making you feel like all the blood in your body is pooling in your skull. And it is psychologically hard to resist moving your hands up to protect your bottom.

most Favorite because

I like to see other spankees taking their licks in this position. This is not because of some sadistic satisfaction in viewing someone else in a situation that I know is hard to handle but because I like to be a fan of spankee performers. Part of this involves developing a certain level of respect for those spankees and knowing the level of difficulty of taking corporal punishment in this position develops my respect for the performer involved.

Although I do not like to be punished in this position, I have to admit that on those occasions when I have been and have managed to maintain my physical an mental composure throughout the event, I do feel a little proud of myself.


Making Pancakes?

No not this sort

Today is Shrove Tuesday. In the UK it is often known as Pancake Day and lots of Pancakes are eaten (and yes I will be continuing this tradition today). But this reminded me of a term that I first read in a memoir and then on a few occasions on spanking performer/producer blogs.

Pancake shots

These are photographs of a spankees bottom at the moment when they are on the receiving end of a hand or spanking toy.

I have read a lot of performers complaints about these types of photographs, mostly because they believe that they are unflattering to their rear ends.

I could not disagree more. Not only do bottoms look very pleasing at time of impact but it gives me a sense of how that impact feels, according to the memories of my own experiences.

I know one thing. I wish that I was not only eating pancakes today but was also celebrating by having my buttocks pancaked 🙂

Images in this post came from images or links found in the following blogs Spanking BlogSpankingBlogg – Chief’s spanking blog and Spanking4Men.