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A Goodbyeeee – Accountomax Back – A New Blog – A Name Change – And Forensics Fail

Goodbyeeee Tits for Troops

Tits for Troops has not had a new post for 7 months now and so it must be presumed that this worthy blog is now done. It was a noble blog that catered for the visual needs of those brave lads and lasses serving abroad, I contributed a couple of images to it myself once. Thanks to Blue-Eyed Vixen for organizing this and good luck with your other projects. Fare well Tits for Troops. This blog was on the Non Spanking And BDSM Blogs page.

A new blog for the rolls

Tim the Tum – A spanking good time is a blog that I only found this week. It is a very entertaining picture and written mix that comes from a spanker in the English Midlands. It will be added to the second roll.

Accountomax is back

The news of the demise of this blog in this post Last week’s Roundup, seems to have been premature. Accountomax’s House has returned and will be re added to the second blog roll.

A name change

The Lost Diaries of Emma Bishop main name is now The Trouble with Emma. It will be labelled as such in the blog rolls.

Forensic investigation

A situation to avoid if you are a forensic investigator.


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