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Making Pancakes?

No not this sort

Today is Shrove Tuesday. In the UK it is often known as Pancake Day and lots of Pancakes are eaten (and yes I will be continuing this tradition today). But this reminded me of a term that I first read in a memoir and then on a few occasions on spanking performer/producer blogs.

Pancake shots

These are photographs of a spankees bottom at the moment when they are on the receiving end of a hand or spanking toy.

I have read a lot of performers complaints about these types of photographs, mostly because they believe that they are unflattering to their rear ends.

I could not disagree more. Not only do bottoms look very pleasing at time of impact but it gives me a sense of how that impact feels, according to the memories of my own experiences.

I know one thing. I wish that I was not only eating pancakes today but was also celebrating by having my buttocks pancaked πŸ™‚

Images in this post came from images or links found in the following blogs Spanking Blog,Β SpankingBlogg – Chief’s spanking blog and Spanking4Men.


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  1. Forgot it was pancake day yesterday so having mine tonight, the eddibble ones that is.



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