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Daily Archives: February 26, 2012

Warning India – Fuller’s In Trouble – TV Caning – And I Hate To Be Ageist

Email warning for those in India

Thanks to Melon Farmers Censorship Watch who informed of this in this article Internet News: 2012: Jan-March. Apparently the Indian authorities are putting pressure on internet providers and email facilitators to make it possible monitor (read) emails to, from and within India. So kinksters in or emailing anyone in India, be discreet with your wording.

The Fuller Brush Company in trouble

Thanks to Bonnie for posting about this here Fuller Brush Declares Bankruptcy. This iconic supplier of spanko pervertables and politically incorrect but amusing advertizing is in trouble. You can read more about it through this link Fuller Brush, Door-to-Door Icon, Seeks Bankruptcy Protection.

Caning Machine on TV

On Monday the 27th of February at 8:30 pm (UK time) the Dickensian comedy series “The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff” There is an accident with an automatic caning machine. Personally I am curious as to what this looks like. More information here The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff | Series 1 – Episode 2 | Radio Times and here BBC Two – The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff, Series 1, Episode 2.

Granny on sucking eggs?

Decades of experience has armed the older generation with much knowledge on many thing. So we should not get ageist when it comes to sex?