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Swapping A Blog – Vote For Awards – Problems With Captcha – And The Welsh Accent

Swapping ThinkPink

ThinkPink!!! seems to have gone over to a Tumblr address ( ). I am not a great fan of Tumblr blogs and I doubt if you will see many appearing on the rolls at this blog. But ThinkPink has some very interesting images and did start as a real blog and so the link will be changed to this new address.

Bloggers new Captcha

The blogger “I am not a robot” word verification has gone over to that annoying, wavy, double word system. This is unpleasant to use and I have to admit that when a little tired, it does put me off commenting, as does not being able to comment under “Name/ URL”. So I apologize now for the reduced number of comments that I will be leaving on blogs with this. Sorry but I’m only human. Image courtesy of Bright Bottom from this post Commenting is Making me Crazy.

Go and have a vote

Words on the Bottom  has an interesting set of posts under the title WAAs but has been a little lacking of voters, especially female voters. So if you want to take part in a little democratic voting fun and have a few minutes to spare please consider having a go. The latest poll is in this post The WAAs – II.

Happy belated St. David’s day

March 1st was St. David’s day, the national day of Wales and I hope that all the Welsh spankos had a fun day. The Welsh have their own language (I once spent a very painful but effective afternoon learning to count to ten in Welsh 🙂  ) but they also have one of the most difficult accents to copy, when speaking English. Here is how to do a Welsh accent.



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  1. Thanks for the mention!

  2. I agree the new Captcha is very difficult. I have removed it from my blog, and let the spammers fall where they may.

    I bought a “Learn Welsh” book when Prince Charles was learning it in preparation for his installation as Prince of Wales.

  3. I’ve removed it from my blog as well.

    My grandparents were Welsh and I used to be able to speak a little but forgotten all of it except I can count up to ten in Welsh. Useless information I know.


  4. I can pronounce “LL”, having been born in North Wales! Thanks for the mention – getting more votes now, but I have learned to wait a month before declaring a winner 🙂


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