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Hot Cockles

Just how old is this game?

Many of you may have played this game, even Elizabeth Hurley admits to having played it. I know that I have but I knew it as “Guess the spanker”.

It is played like this

One player sits down, another player is blindfolded, kneels, and places his/her head in the sitter’s lap. The kneeler places an open hand on his/her back, with palm uppermost, which other players take it in turns to strike, and the kneeler must guess who has struck the blow.

Except the version that I played had mine and other peoples back sides glowing, before it was finished.

But it has been going on for some time

Originally I presumed it to be a Victorian parlour game but last week I heard on the radio that this game had been defined in the first English Dictionary, written by Samuel Johnson dating it as far back as 1746.My curiosity aroused, I engaged on a little internet search mission and found this page Hot Cockles: Information from that stated that this game may have been going on since the 14th century.

So rather than the hundred and something years that  I thought this game had been played, it looks like it has been going on for seven hundred years or more. Long may this traditional spanko game continue.

And here endeth the history lesson 🙂


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  1. My only wish on these two fine spanking drawings, is that a man should have been spanking these women. Bare bottom style, would add have added a more sexually erotic flavor to these proceedings.

  2. That’s so interesting! I’ve never heard of that game,but do recall “Hot Cockolorum” in some fairy tale or other. Related?


    • I had never heard of that name for this game, until a radio quiz program had a question about it, a few weeks ago. I have absolutely no idea which tale or rhyme that comes from and so cannot tell if it is related or not. It does sound very similar though.


  3. pandorablake

    This is so cool! I hadn’t heard of the game at all. I have to wonder now though, when people refer to the “cockles of their heart” do they, in fact, mean the bottom?

    • It’s hard to tell, “Cockles” is one of those words that has been around so long (originating from ancient Greek, unless I am wrong) that has come to have more meanings than even the some most competent dictionaries can carry. It would be nice if it did mean that though.



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