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Marathon For Mind – Blog Name Change – Time For Europe – Debate Result – And Good Vibrations

Charity Marathon Run

Thanks to Leia’s New Musings! for telling us about this in this post New ladies at Bottoms Up 20th April. The well known model Jadie Reece is running a marathon and helping to raise funds for the charity Mind. There is no specific place on the internet for donations but it is possible for those that want to drop some cash in the bucket at a spanking event and directly to the mind charity, through this page Mind donation page. It may be wise not to mention the spanking/kinky connection when donating online, as Ms Reece has not done so in any online appeal for cash.

Blog name change

Spanking Pics has changed it’s name to The New Spanking Pics Sites. The side bar will be updated accordingly.

Time for Europe

UGH!, it’s that time of year again. If you live in Europe, it is time to get up and hour earlier. So unless you want that spanking for being late for work on Monday, it is time to alter the clocks, if you have not done so already.

A positive result

I did not find out about this until it was all over but LUDWIG’S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST raised the issue in this post One Small Step For Man, about this forum thread Males as receivers? As a conclusion it has been clarified that images of men on the receiving end are acceptable on the Spanking Scouts forum, preferable appropriately labeled as such.

Getting the right vibe

I would have loved to have been in charge of the remote control in this situation 🙂


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  1. loved the video !!! brought back some memories – from a LONG time ago – before remote controlled vibrators were in fashion. A Dom friend had modified a vibrator to work off his car starter. We were at a munch and he was telling my Sir about it…. and he demonstrated on his submissive.

    A little while later my Sir was repeating the discussion to another Dom and pulled his car starter out ……… and lo and behold the submissive jumped and looked at her Master. After some confusion it was discovered that almost any car starter would activate her remote controlled vibrator……….. it was quite funny at the time……. (not sure it is as funny in the repeating)

  2. That’s such a funny video, and I loved morningstar’s story too. You both started my day with a smile:)



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