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Adding A Blog – Interesting Interviews – TPE – And In Honour Of The Day

A new blog for the rolls

Spanking Lilia Spinoza

This is the blog of a relatively new performer/model in the spanking and BDSM world of the USA. This blog is being added to the second roll.


There have been a couple of interesting interviews this week from All Things Spanking and Tim the Tum – A spanking good time. Both these have been with spankers. click the links below if you wish to read them.

Superstar Spanking Interview – David Pierson of Punished Brats

Ms. Harriet Marwood: An Interview

Total Power exchange

The Journey  has had a series of three posts about this in the past week. Not being a BDSMer I have found these posts to be an informative eye opener and a learning experience and so thought that they might interest others here. Some of the comments are worth reading too. The posts are linked below.

The Journey: T.P.E. – edited

The Journey: Intimate Question about TPE

The Journey: T.P.E. thoughts

In honour of April Fool’s day

Any attempt at an April Fool joke, in this post. would have been easily spotted. So I thought that I would post a clip of this most excellent prank instead.


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  1. Wow!! Thank you spankedhortic for the ‘review’ 🙂 And in my personal opinion the comments were more informative than my searching questions 🙂

    • Apart from a general definition, I did not know much about the way that TPE works. Your posts and the comments created a good learning facility and an interesting look into the BDSM world. Thanks for doing this series, it’s always good to learn more.



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