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Thoughts For The Week

Yes the title is plural, for this week there will be a spanko thought and a vanilla thought. This time of year finds me dieting (every damn year), trying to get a reasonable waistline for the summer. But for one weekend of the spring I break that diet (well more smash it into little peaces with a large hammer, jump up and down on it whilst calling it horrid names) and that weekend is this weekend because it’s that special holiday 🙂

Spanko thought

All I really need is to receive frequent spankings

But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt

(source – Converted from a creation by Charles M. Schulz)

Vanilla thought

Exercise is a dirty word

Every time I hear it

I wash my mouth out with chocolate

(Source – Unknown)


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  1. I love them both! After all, this is the BIG chocolate weekend. Hope you get lots of bunnies and eggs.



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