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Madison Young – Disciplinary Document – An Interesting Interview – And Bad Bunny

Madison Young at the HuffPost

Madison Young, the internationally famous Spanking and BDSM model, performer and artist, has been interviewed for the HuffPost, the LGBT section of the Huffington Post. Thanks to The Spanking Spot for this news and you can read the article through this link 50 Shades of Submission: An Interview with a Real-Life Submissive, Madison Young.

An interesting document

Abel over at The Spanking Writers has been bothering the good people at The National Archives Kew. And has come up with an interesting document concerning workhouse disciplinary codes and punishment. You can view this document in this post Liverpool 5: the workhouse.

An interesting interview on M/m play

Kaelah at LUDWIG’S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST has posted a most interesting interview on the subject of M/m play. The main point of this post is that it comes from the perspective of a heterosexual male who has played M/m I think that this is an important perspective on this kind of play that does need discussing. To view the post click on this link  M/M Spankings: A Heterosexual Man’s View.

Happy Chocolate holiday

The Easter Bunny will be busy today, giving out the Easter Eggs but being so nice on this one day does have a negative side to this rabbit’s nature for the rest of the year, as this clip shows.


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  1. ok to quote the last comment on the clip – “you’re nothing like I imagined!” Bad bad Easter Bunny

    May YOUR Easter bunny bring you loads of chocolate and spankings – not necessarily in that order 🙂

  2. Happy Easter Prefectdt! I also have chocolate, even in the form of a bunny!

  3. Thanks for having posted the link to the interview, Prefectdt! I think it has been a very insightful discussion so far. 🙂


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