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Blog Calendar – May Page

The May Page


Just before I Take A Little Break, I thought that I had better post the Blog Calendar for May. As the hiatus posts are going to feature old historic images it seemed appropriate to look for a less than recent image for May’s Page. Taking a deep dive into the archives of jpcolorgallery this image came to light and was chosen for the job.

As always the calendar is formatted to be printed on an A4 piece of paper, so why not print one off and nail it to your local May Pole to illustrate what will happen to anyone who messes the ribbons up.


If you want to donate or suggest an image for the blog calendar please contact me at . As you can see the source of the image is credited on the calendar and linked to in the post.


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  1. I saw your kalendar from may modified here:
    Is that aloud?

  2. I’m happy for that to happen. It’s nice to see someone finding the calendar useful. I am kinda hoping that some link love will be sent to JPC. After all, creating the artwork in the first place is where the real hard work has taken place.

    Thanks for that Carmen.


  3. Glad you decided to post the calendar before going on your hiatus. Thanks.


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