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Back – A New Blog – New Vid Site – Blogs Merge – And Gone Fishing

Sicky over

Hopefully this blog is operational again. The hiatus was caused by my getting an infected esophagus along with fever and all kinds of things that go along with that but I am getting better now and have returned to work and blogging.

A new blog for the rolls

Secret Spanko is an interesting and varied blog and is being added to the second roll.

New video site

Spanking Girls Video is a free video clips venture from Brushtrokes of The Spanking Spot.This is being added to Spanking And Kinky Resource Sites page.

Two blogs merge

Panty Spanking has merged with The New Spanking Pics Site and the sidebar links have been updated accordingly.

Gone fishing

Fishing is a nice relaxing pastime for most people but not this guy.


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  1. ronniesoul

    Welcome back Prefectdt. We’ve missed you.


  2. I’m glad to see you up and around once again.


  3. Just saw this. Thanks so much for the shout-out. I enjoy your humor.

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