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Experience Of Caning Essential – And Who Stole The Book?

I recently came across two news items that might be of interest to you readers and thought that I would share them.

Advertising for a female teacher

In this article 30 years ago – Nostalgia – West Sussex County Times an advertisement for a female teaching post from 1982 was reprinted, the advert read…

‘Small Coaching School, mixed, 9-13 years, to be opened September ’82, Sussex area, requires Senior Mistress to share teaching/supervision with owner. Traditional atmosphere. Must be prepared to teach at last two subjects. Experience of caning essential. Burnham Scale. Details please to Headmaster, Box P59, West Sussex County Times. All replies acknowledged’.

I wonder if the interview went anything like this 🙂

Our punishment book is missing

Another school had a modern display of how things used to be in the old days. This article Mystery over school’s whacking good book, Hawkes Bay News tells of the display of canes and an old punishment book and this happening to it…

It went missing during a holiday period when work was being carried out on the hall, which was left unlocked during the day. “I think somebody going in there may have recognized a name they knew – maybe even themselves, and did not want others to know what they had done to go in the book.”

Mr Rankin said he went to the school to do some work one morning and spotted fragments of glass on the floor of the foyer.

He then spotted the display cabinet’s glass door had been smashed to gain entry.

Silver trays and cups were left untouched – only the book of caning had been taken.

was this the work of a sticky fingered spanko?

And what retribution awaits them for this dastardly deed?

Images courtesy of F/M Spanking World and Yeowch Spanking Blog.


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