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A Goodbyeeee – Blog Merit Certificate – A Spanko On The Move – And Wet Ice

Goodbyeeee Ms. Betty’s World

Ms. Betty’s World is still there and the archives are still available but this blog has not been posted on for over six months now and has been sparsely posted for some time before that and so it is time to bid it a fond fare well from the second blog roll. Good luck to Ms Betty, with whatever she is doing now.

Blog merit certificate for Dana Kane – Disciplinarian

Dr Malford (my fictitious Head Mistress) has been surveying my blog reading habits and has deemed that the number of visits to Dana Kane – Disciplinarian have justified issuing it with a certificate and moving it to the top blog roll.

Spanko on the move

The Trouble With Emma  is no longer operational and Ms Bishop has moved her blog and changed it’s name to Naughtily Ever After.

The side bar has been updated accordingly and the new address is…

Soggy summer ice dream

If the summer here in Northern Europe is as wet as the spring has been flooding may become a problem but we can still get a nice ice cream with this new innovation.


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  1. I’ll have a look for that ice cream vehicle the next time I’m in London! 😉 I know I’m late with this, but it’s nice to have you back from your hiatus! Are you completely recovered by now?

    • I’m still on some meds but am mostly recovered now. Thanks for asking. I have to admit that this one caught me out a bit, I had never even heard of anyone getting an infected oesophagus before, it’s good to be on the mend.


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