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The Blonde Spanker, A Joke

Does hair colour make a difference to a spankee?

Three good looking spankee females shared a flat and figuring that there was safety in numbers, they liked to triple date, when meeting potential spankers for the first time.

Hankering for a spanking one week, they got on the internet and found three likely male spankers to invite out for diner. There was a brunette guy, a red headed guy and a blonde guy.

Having met up and eaten with the three guys, the girls were a bit undecided if they would allow them to spank them on this first date. So they came up with a challenge for the guys and told them that they would go to the bathroom for ten minutes and if by the end of that time each guy had come up with a good reason for spanking them all then spankings there would be.

As soon as the girls were out of sight each of the spankers grabbed the handbag (that’s purse to people that speak American) of their date and had a good rummage through to see what they could find.

The brunette spanker smiled pulled a pack of cigarettes out of a bag and said “Ha Ha! My spankee smokes.”.

The red headed spanker smiled and pulled a bottle of vodka out of a bag and said “Ha Ha! My spankee drinks.”.

The blonde spanker looked like he was so sad that he was almost in tears as he pulled a packet of condoms out of the hand bag that he had and said “Oh No! My spankee has a willie.”.


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