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80’s Jeans Were Better

Focusing on the female bottom this post felt a bit sexist, so for those that prefer it I have included a clip about some male eye candy in (at least some of the time) 80’s Jeans. I hope that this balances things up.

Women’s bottoms just look better in 80’s style jeans

I recently came across some old adverts from the 1980’s and thought that the posteriors that they encased looked so much better than they would in modern jeans.

See what I mean. I think it is because of two factors. Firstly they have a waist that is where a woman’s natural waist is, enhancing the natural shape rather than biting into the hips and causing an unnatural and very often unsightly, second, false waistline.

Secondly they seem to be cut to follow the female hip shape in much more flattering way than modern jeans.

And there is a spanko advantage

This photo shows that the higher up back pockets style, usually favoured in the 80’s, left the most important target area covered in only one layer of denim, rather than the double layer that modern, lower down pockets result in ๐Ÿ™‚

The above image was enhanced from this picture.

Now some male eye candy in an 80s jeans commercial

for those that prefer this

And a funny jeans ad rip off for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚


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