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“Spec”tacular Spanking The Conspiracy Edition

It’s not often that I post a picture of myself

but this is a special occasion

Sitting here, in a hollow volcano, I have decided to confess to the world that I am head of an international league of criminals called “Spec”ta. Our aim is to persecute, harass,  blackmail and blow raspberries at all those are involved in the manufacturing of contact lenses, until this industry is destroyed (insert evil laugh here) and no more contact lenses are made. Thus all the hot women in the world, with imperfect vision, will be forced to wear glasses (insert second evil laugh here)  especially those involved in spanking. But until these dastardly plans come to fruition here are some hot gals involved in spanking whilst sporting glasses, for your enjoyment.

Two from The Spanking Spot

And two more from Spanking Blogg


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  1. fredtheblogger1

    Hmmm. Will you also persue the laser eye treatment people with similar vigour?

    • I think that you might consider getting in touch with the bad people at LEDS (Laser Eye Doctor Spookers), Their address is…

      1, Island shaped like a skull,
      An interesting Asian sea,
      Owned by and easily bribed corrupt government,
      GD2 OJQ

      Prefectdt 🙂


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