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Spanking Bench Found In Public Park

Monday was a public holiday in Belgium and I decided to go to the Zoute Markt in Kemmel, which is a once a year event, where vendors come from various parts of Belgium to promote and sell specialist baked goods and sweets (Candy). It was a hot day so I got an ice cream and headed for a break in the nice shady park that the village has. Here I found a nice kinky surprise….

A public spanking bench in the park

It even had diagrams for suggested positions, although I think only a small paddle or toy could be used in the diaper position, on this bench.

A little further on I came across another but far simpler piece of spanking furniture.

Again with suggested positions for use.

Then I returned to the Market and as I am supposed to be dieting now, purchased something that should earn me a spanking.

Beer and hop flavoured chocolates

An “Only in Belgium” product πŸ™‚


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  1. You really had me fooled! Those are exercise stations on a fitness circuit.

    I would love to try the chocolates, though.


    • “exercise stations on a fitness circuit” Really Hermione? Damn, I thought that I had found a spanko friendly village πŸ™‚

      The chocolates were delicious, I was a bit wary of the idea of beer flavoured chocolates at first but the combination is surprisingly tasty


  2. That’s a cool finding, Prefectdt! I assume that Ludwig is quite happy we haven’t been there, because I would surely have insisted on taking some pictures with me bending over … ahem … doing some workout on the bench. πŸ˜‰

    • I get the impression that Ludwig would not mind that too much, unless all the locals were there watching or something like that. I’m sure you would have looked a lot better in the photos, than any of me doing the same πŸ™‚


  3. LOL Prefectdt,

    I really thought for a minute you had actually found a spanking bench.

    Chocs sound yummy.


    • The chocolates were not only tasty but it occurs to me that someone has finally come up with a type of chocolate that a woman can buy her man without worrying about threatening his masculinity. At last a bloke orientated chocolate.

      The bench was well constructed and had all the attributes of a spanking bench. I see no reason why it could not be used as such πŸ™‚


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