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Top Of The Click Pops – For May 2012

As a child and a teenager, I remember being glued to the radio once a week as the new pop music charts were announced…

to this background music

Finding that I could see, in the stat counter, which pictures had been clicked on the most for a 30 day period, it seemed a good idea to do a top 5 clicked on picture chart for the past month. Enjoy.

May’s top 5

as chosen by you pic clicker pickers

Number 5

This month with 66 clicks, from this post, that naughty nurse Emma Bishop is counting with the crop.

Number 4

With only a 3 click lead at 69 clicks is this classy OTK from This Post.

Number 3

A bit of a surprise at number 3. With 129 clicks and originating from the post Spanking Bench Found In Public Park, its the exercise spanking position instruction board.

Number 2

Sliding in ahead with only a two click lead on the instruction board at 131 clicks is the image of the gorgeous Charlie Skye getting a brisk bare bottomed belting also from The same post as Number 4.

May’s Number 1

Like me lots of you naughty girls and boys out there must be dreaming of getting a well striped bottom from this lovely lady as with 140 clicks from This post, it’s the amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford ready to hand out some good thrashings.

This is an experimental feature that will be run again for June, so if you want to be a pic click picker all you have to do is click (or right click and open in a new tab) your favourite pictures from anywhere or anytime in this blog, during the next month and that will show in the stats for the June countdown, where the top 5 clicked on pictures will be shown.

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  1. Prefectdt, that’s a wonderful idea. It’s so hard to come up with something original, but I think you’ve done it.


    • Thanks Hermione, it is good to hear that someone likes this in words. The stats are good for it too, so I think that I will continue as planed, for another post like this next month and see how it pans out.

      I would hate to claim an original idea on this (blushes), it is a variation on what BBC radio has been doing with pop music since 1955. It is nice to be able to twist that for Spanko use though.


  2. What a great idea… wish I’d thought of it 🙂

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