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An Old Friend Returns – Tumblr – Industry Stuff – And Just Stuff Your Hand Up My Ass And Pull My Levers

Bryan’s Back

The master of finding interesting and divers spanking images, Bryan, is back up and blogging. His blog, that will be added to the second list, can be found through this link Bryan’s New Spanking Blog and his new address is…

Tumblr Blog Roll

I am not a great fan of Tumblr blogs, thinking that they are mostly cheap and thoughtless re-blogging and if all bloggers go down this road people will eventually get bored of blogs and that will be the death of blogs. Having had my mini rant It is hard to ignore them, so I am adding another blog roll to the side bar, so that they do not pollute the other rolls. I am kicking this off by moving ThinkPink to this roll. Don’t expect to see this roll get very long and do not expect me to visit these blogs often.

Industry stuff

There have been some new commercial DVD and Clip things starting up in the spanking world so for a punters recce try these. Dana Kane has a new site that you can find through this post New website. Emma Bishop has been making clips, one of which you can sample here Bishy Bosh Productions. And finally Sarah Gregory has a new DVD store that she wrote about in this post DVD Store is Live.

How to control a man 🙂

I love a good ventriloquist and Nina Conti is one of the funniest. Here she shows how best to control your man.


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  1. I agree. Think Pink’s photoblog is one of the few that I enjoy and visit regularly. The other one I love is The Pink Papers.


    • Yes, I think that it would be wrong of me to criticize all Tumblr blogs but they do not give me an impression of being the type of thing that will be popular on the Net’ for a long period. I fear that they will attract people to change to them, for the easy facilities and better hit rates and then as people bore of the constant re-blogging fall into the same fate as so many internet fads before them, destroying a lot of real blogs along the way.


  2. I agree with Hermione, Miss Pink’s Tumblr photoblog is one of the few I visit.


  3. Thanks for the plug.



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