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Brats just can’t help being Brats. They want a spanking and will misbehave until they get one. It makes me wonder how Vanillas looking into our world see this sect of the spankoverse and do they get what bratting is about. This week’s Thought will hopefully help define at least part of the philosophy behind brattery.

If you can’t be a good example

Then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning

(Source – An unaltered saying by Catherine Aird)

And I just could not resist posting this picture of Ms Aird


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  2. Congratulations on being Chrossed! The picture is so appropriate.


  3. Hermione beat me to it:) Congratulations on getting Chrossed Pref.

    Enjoy the weekend.


  4. Only just found out that I had been Chrossed. Thanks guys.



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