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A Sad Announcement – Two Goodbyeeees – Adding A Blog – Infinity – Marqe – And Revolting July

Good Bye Hollie Stevens

Spanking View announced in this post Remembering Hollie Stevens, that the Spanking and BDSM model and performer, Hollie Stevens, has sadly passed away. Her condition was documented in this article Clown-Porn Pioneer Receives Terminal Cancer Diagnosis. My deepest sympathies to those close to Ms Stevens.

Goodbyeeee Secret Spanko and Spanking Lilia Spinoza

Secret Spanko and Spanking Lilia Spinoza were both relatively new but promising blogs that have now shut up shop. Good luck to their owners and lets hope that the future treats them well.

A New blog for the Tumblr blog roll

The Pink Papers is the Tumblr blog of The Pink Report. It will be added to the Tumblr roll.

MarQe ‘s Study might be going

MarQe ‘s Study has announced in this post Should I Stay or …. ? that it might be closing. If you want to add an opinion on this matter, now is the time to do so.

Infinity and beyond

A note for WordPress bloggers, that might not have noticed this but if you scroll down to the bottom of the home page of your blog you will find that it infinitely expands as you scroll. It is a matter of opinion if you like this or not but it can be turned off (I’ve turned mine off) if you like, through the reader blog preferences.

Revolting July

July seems to be the time of year for countries to celebrate their revolts against their over lords. It would be nice to do separate posts for these national feast days but there are so many in July that it would take up half the midweek blog posts for the month. So I will do it on mass here.

Happy Canada Day

I’m not sure what lead to Canadian independence but happy first of July anyway.

Happy 4th of July

This is when the Americans decided to revolt against those damn Brits.

Happy Flemish Day

On the 11th of July the Flemish decided to Give the French a good licking, at The Battle Of The Golden Spurs.

Happy Bastille Day

And finally, on the 14th of July, the French decided to start the process of getting rid of their monarchs by letting a load of jailbirds fly free.

Have I forgotten anyone?


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  1. Secret Spanko is back. 🙂

  2. And thanks for the add!


  3. @Markymarks – nice to see you back.


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