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Back To School, Whilst On Holiday

A little over a week ago I was back in the UK for a little trip to see the family. Whilst there I visited the Black Country Living Museum, which has historical buildings from the Black Country set in dates ranging from the mid 1800’s to the 1930’s. There I found this place…

St James’s School

Looking around, I think that it was terrible that this kind of place was inflicted on small children but it would be a wonderful play place for a group of like minded adults 🙂

It was set in the year 1912, at the beginning of compulsory education of children in England.

It had two fully equipped classrooms of the period, full of artifacts.

And of coarse a blackboard with cane.

In case of breakage a spare hung on the cupboard.

The school was staffed by a very capable lady who talked to all visitors as if they were children at the school. She was very good at this and clicked all the “Yes Miss” switches in my head. If you are ever in the area, this place is well worth a visit.

I was in the last generation that had to learn the old monetary system of the UK, as seen above, it was a nightmare for a small child. Thankfully I was saved from this by decimalization during my second year at infants school.


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  1. I keep meaning to go as I’ve heard it’s really very interesting and definitely worth a visit. I’ll make sure I do.

    Thanks Pref.


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  3. I enjoyed the old-fashioned classrooms of bygone school-days. Especially the one that showed the cane, hanging on the classroom board. I am sure many a naughty school-girl had her knickers taken down, and given my ‘nom de plume’. Namely ‘six of the best’, I hope the very best, with this beautiful corporal punishment implement.


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