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Two Goodbyeeees – Adding A Blog – One Returns – A Blog Moved – And Are You Worried About The Size Of Your D……?

Goodbyeeee Vintage Spanking Photos and Warren’s Place

Vintage Spanking Photos has been around since I started blogging and has some amazing archives to see but posting became irregular and then stopped six months ago.

Warren’s Place  is the blog of W the Dominant partner of Morningstar. W has never been a regular blogger and has also not posted for six months. As W and Morningstar are looking to move in together, we can keep up with his adventures via The Journey.

Best of luck for the future to both bloggers.

One for the Tumblr roll

Mr. Jer Art is the blog of a kinky artist, now added to the Tumblr roll.

A blog returns

Secret Spanko was dropped from the rolls, last week but it is back in action and is being returned to the second roll.

Moving a blog

It has been announced, in this post Later ………, that MarQe ‘s Study is going into mothballs for the foreseeable future, so it is being moved to the Dormant Blogs page.

Some guys talking about the size of their D***s

I worry about the size of mine sometimes but I know it’s a good hard one, because it’s made of Concrete.


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  1. Loved the video. Those guys are priceless.



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