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Final Definitions

I was flicking through my dictionary the other day and felt that some of the definitions of words were not correct and thought that I might submit some more accurate definitions to the OED and Webster’s.

Here are my definitions

Topless – A bottom looking for a playmate

Lip smacking – doing it wrong

Minsk – A Russian brat

Eyelash – A digital whip made by Apple

Brow beaten – Doing it wrong again

Crop yield – Yelling after being cropped

Novocaine – A brand new cane

Bottomless – A top looking for a playmate

Mortal – another tail for the flogger

Eyebrow – A digital “ouch!” from Apple

Legend – Buttock start

Prudence – The way Pru jigs around after she has been caned

One from WordsmithCocaine – a fellow sufferer

If anyone has any more suggestions for updating the dictionaries, please put them in the comments.


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  1. Funny! Cocaine – a fellow sufferer

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