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Max Mosley At Levenson

Ideas on press regulation

Max Mosley has made another appearance at The Leveson Inquiry (investigating the conduct of the News Agencies in the UK) and has put some ideas for press regulations that would put the right of objection within the reach of ordinary people. This is important as this quote illustrates the prohibitive costs entailed at the moment, in the UK.

“That is probably right,” said Mosley, who said securing an injunction cost “£10,000 minimum. For a trial you’ve got to be prepared to put £1m at risk”.

“The majority of people are deprived of any remedy,” added Mosley. “I think that is completely wrong.”

Mr Mosley was involved both in his His own fight with the News Of the World and also the deplorable behavior of other news agencies after the death of Formula 1 racing driver Ayrton Senna. And has now put forward the following suggestions for press regulations that would make it more likely that common folk would have a chance to fight back, over inaccurate or over blown allegations.

He suggested the creation of two bodies, a Press Commission which would succeed the PCC and create the rules, and a statutory-backed tribunal that would enforce the new regulatory environment.

Mosley said the tribunal should have the power to impose high court-style injunctions on newspapers, with publishers required to give prior notification of stories except in “very rare” cases of exceptional public interest.

The former F1 boss said it was “absolutely fundamental” that everyone should be able to afford to bring proceedings for defamation or breach of privacy, which he said was “so expensive only 1% of the population can afford it”.

I used to work for one organization that brought me in very close contact with many press and news media organizations. They are not all bad, some are very good but there are some very unethical people in this profession and seeing how they could destroy people, at will with lies and inaccurate reporting, was frightening. As an ordinary working guy I knew that if they ever came after me there was nothing effective that I could do about it and so am in full support of this and any other methods of curbing unethical press persecution, for ordinary people, in all countries.

Sources of information for this post – BBC News – Leveson Inquiry: Max Mosley calls for press tribunalLeveson inquiry: Max Mosley says press tribunal must be in driving seat | Media | and Max Mosley gives Leveson inquiry the lowdown on Paul Dacre’s sex life | Media | The Guardian.


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  1. “As an ordinary working guy I new”… — should read “…I knew….”


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