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Blogiversary – And The Saturday Swishing

The Saturday Swishing

The Saturday Swishing is my pick of the week from images posted on the blogs in the rolls of this blog.


This week’s Swishing comes from the blog Bright Bottom. This is not only a cracking image, it also comes from a series of posts, Friday Faces, that I look forward to seeing every week.

Why look so surprised?


Today this blog is five years old. Back in the heady days of 2007 in the afterglow of Bums On The Run and before the financial mess that the world has today, I Planted a Whip in the Woods, that whip has thrived and even survived being transplanted from Blogger to WordPress. Someone had a big fireworks display in London yesterday, I could see no other reason for doing this other than to celebrate the anniversary of this blog, and so to celebrate I thought that I would post a clip of the fiery fun here, in the spirit of the day’s milestone.

Five today


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  1. Happy blogaversary! How cool that you successfully migrated your Blooger blog, including the comments, to WordPress. I may have to do the same if they keep on deleting my blog.


    • Thanks Hermione.

      Moving all the stuff to WordPress isn’t difficult. Once the WordPress blog is set up you just follow a set of instructions. It’s just a matter of being logged into both blogs at once and making five or six mouse clicks.


  2. SpankedHortic II. Congratulations on your fifth blog annieversay. As for Great Britain’s Olympic Games, from the array of female bottoms on display, there’s many I would love to bare, and have a ‘spanking good time’ upon them. Would’nt you agree?

  3. Happy Belated Blogaversary Prefecdt. Seems one or two are moving over to WordPress.


    • Thanks. WordPress is a better blogging platform, there only seems to be two major drawbacks. Moving hurts the stats a bit and the blog roll facilities are not as good as Blogger.


  4. A bit Late, but congratulations for your fifth anniversary in the spanking blog world.
    bottoms up


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