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Daily Archives: August 1, 2012

Top Of The Click Pops – For July 2012

Hi there top pick pop clickers, It’s the start of a new month and time to find out what the favourite clicked on pictures in this blog where last month. There has been a slight change to the calculating formula, clicks on pictures in the Top Of The Click Pops posts are no longer counted towards the total (to stop the same five pictures coming up again and again) but you can still vote for any of the following pics by clicking through to their original posting and clicking on the pic there, if you want. Anyway it’s time to…

Play the music

And find out what made the top of the picture clicked chart for the month of July, in this…

Top five clicked pics for July

Number 5

This moody little marks of lashes number from this ROUNDUP, bashes into July’s chart with 49 clicks

Number 4

A Germany vs UK football flogging from a Saturday Swishing swings into fourth place in this division on 53 clicks

Number 3

Outdoor punishments must be popular with this The Saturday Swishing switching in a tent getting to the number 3 spot with 57 clicks

Number 2

Advertising certainly pays for this Final Definitions pic as many Tops must be clicking around for a bottom like this with 61 clicks

July’s Number 1

It just goes to show that there is nothing as popular as a street spanking, as with 62 clicks from this ROUNDUP these three girls smash their way into the number one spot for July 2012

If you want to be a pic click picker, all you have to do is click (or right click and open in a new tab) your favourite pictures from anywhere or anytime in this blog, except from a Top Of The Click Pops post, during the next month and that will show in the stats for the August countdown, where the top 5 clicked on pictures will be shown.