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Daily Archives: August 5, 2012

Some Goodbyeeees – Moving Two Blogs – A Site Gone – And Sporting Fun

Some Goodbyeeees

I have been looking at the Dormant Blogs page and have concluded that there are some blogs there, that no matter how much I would like to see them come back to life, have very little chance of doing so now. And so it is time to take them off the page. These blogs are…

Brambleberry Blush

Chelsea’s Journal

Discipline her

Over Her Knee

A Spanking Good Time

Tan Her Hide

Good luck in the future to all these bloggers.

Moving two blogs

Two blogs that have not been posted on for some time are being moved to the Dormant Blogs  page. These blogs are…

On The Way Of Exploration

Ma’am Yes Ma’am

A Website ends updating

Some time ago I reviewed the website Clare Spanks Men. If you want to see the review go to this post Clare Spanks Men – A Review Of An F/m Spanking Site. Unfortunately, I presume because of the retirement from the spanking world of Clare Fonda, This site has ceased updating and is only available as an archive site now. I think that this is a shame, as this site treated F/m spanking in the same way that many X/f do but such is life.

Remember to have fun

Watching the best in the world, at the 2012 Olympics, it is clear that the athletes must work very hard to get to where they are. But we must remember that sport should also be fun sometimes.


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