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“Spec”tacular Spankings

It was only a few days ago that I had an appointment with an optician. Now I look forward to this once every two year treat as it gives me the opportunity to hang around in a place where women walk in the door and try on multiple pairs of glasses, which is like a free hard core sex show for yours truly πŸ™‚ But on this trip I was sadly disappointed, as not one member of the fairer sex came into the establishment whilst I was there. So to console myself here is another indulgence of women in spanking situations wearing glasses.

A medical spectacular from Yeowch Spanking Blog

Not a nightmare but one from Dreams of Spanking blog

Of coarse we must have one from The Spanking Spot

And finally it’s about specs and it’s About Spankings


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  1. It sounds like heaven (if you’re into that sort of thing) but won’t you have to keep your own glasses on so you can enjoy the scenery? If you take them off to try on new frames yourself, you’ll miss the show.


  2. Women are always fascinating to watch…I specially like the first photo where seh is watching us watch her be spanked.
    A question: what widget do you use to keep track of clicks on pictures?
    bottoms up

    • I like that one too. Amy Hunter does a good line in meaningful glares.

      I use the WordPress stat counter, that can be clicked through from the dashboard, to get detailed figures on things like clicked links and pictures, most viewed topics and all kinds of stuff like that. I’m not sure if blogger has an equivalent (it did not used to have) but some of the free stat counters, that you can sign up for, give this kind of info as well.


  3. Women wearing glasses…and spanking. Unusual combination of interests, now I have this mental image of you getting carried away at the opticians…

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