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Daily Archives: August 14, 2012

When Looking For A Pro Disciplinarian?


I do not approve or disapprove of the disciplinarians, who’s images I have used in this post, I simply chose them because I am unlikely to visit them due to geographical location. These images came from Miss Kami Robertson DisciplinarianMiss Sarah Gregory and Mistress Claudia Surrey Domme.

When I visit the website of a pro disciplinarian I am looking for…

Recently I have been thinking about visiting a professional disciplinarian and so have been touring the ‘net looking at websites and finding that some of them are lacking the kind of information that I want. Well I am going to say what I am looking to see on a pro disciplinarian’s site.

Clear and easy information

I want to know the general location of business, not a precise address but just an idea if it is within reasonable traveling distance.

I want to know what services that are or are not offered.

I want contact details.

And I want to know times and dates of convenience.

I would like all of this to be easy to find and not have to hunt around for it.


Galleries are great, a picture can say a thousand words but I get annoyed at galleries that just seem to say “Look how hot I am.”.

Photos of the disciplinarian are good, I am not looking for them of someone in a state of undress (some might but not me) but I like to see an image that can cross that first physiological barrier of “Can this person look like they can click my Yes Mis’ button”.

Show the range of toys/implements available is always a good idea.

And showing some results of the spanking range offered, from most ,mild to most harsh, is a very good guide.

Some images of the location are also useful

I also like to see…

An “I do not offer sexual services” notice. I’m looking for a spanking and not sex so it is reassuring to see that, that is the deal.

An idea if I can go “Ouch!” at the place of play. Having to control the loudness of vocalization reduces the enjoyability of play.

A nice clean simple website. All the bells and whistles of sophisticated web design, might be impressive at first but it can very quickly become annoying.

I don’t want to be a time waster

I do not like having my time wasted and I do not like to waste the time of others and an informative and easy to negotiate website can help reduce the numbers of unnecessary emails from inappropriate clientele. Different Tops/Dommes offer different services and different Bottoms/Subs want different services, good websites can help people find the right match bad ones can put potential clients off and encourage time wasting.


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